Our History



Kwarleyz Group

With more than 15 years of experience, the Kwarleyz Group of Companies is one of the leading indigenous infrastructural development organizations in West Africa.

Our vision for revolutionizing development in Africa is being realized through its diversified self-sustainable specialty companies which focus on the ambitious development and construction of residential, commercial, national, and industrial real estate, infrastructure, smart cities, financial investment, and property management in West Africa.

Our philanthropic endeavors impact the sustainability of local and international communities and pan-African nation building.

The Group is comprised of 5 subsidiaries: Wonda World Estates, Petronia City Development, New Africa Construction, Belfast City and Property Management Services and New Africa Foundation that have successfully executed a large number of complex and landmark projects that have transformed the city skyline of Accra, Ghana and span an array of innovation in different sectors including hospitality, luxury services, and real estate.

The Group’s relationships with highly recognized industry leaders and experts in architecture, engineering, project management, and investment have allowed us to operate competitively at an international standard. Additionally, our utilization of state of the art technologies and concepts have allowed us to emerge as visionaries of the new Africa.

Core Values 01.

Our vision is to revolutionize industrialization in Africa by engaging global and local expertise to push the boundaries of innovation and impact the social development of our human capital.

Mission 02.

Our mission is to envisage the future of new Africa and build the architectural template for advancement.
Each of our self-sustainable companies has a unique function in the development process of fulfilling our mission.

Vision 03.

Our revolutionary template for development in Africa incorporates the knowledge base of global experts to impact industrialization, innovation and the human and social capital of our people.